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Our experienced small engine repair Red Deer team is here to help. It can’t be avoided that sometimes home or garden appliances breakdown. This breakdown may be caused by repetitive use and overloading or maybe unexpected engine failing. Sometimes you can fix it, but sometimes it can’t be handled by not just you anymore. Of course, you will need someone who can repair and at the same time, maintain the services that your appliances would give out.

Don’t fret any more about finding the perfect company to be the answer for all your repair services. From snow blowers, string trimmers, lawn mowers, chainsaws, go-cart, wood chippers and more. Small engine repair Red Deer can be the answer to whatever repair service you would need. We will make sure that we fix your small engine repairs. We offer quality service that can help many clients with an affordable, excellent, and fast repair that would need. Quick repairs are our thing too. If you need the appliance up and running immediately, we can do that for you. You won’t have to worry about your appliance or tool because we make sure that our team will take off it properly.

All our repair technicians can also do the repair on-site for you to see how we fix your tools or appliances. If it needs new parts or in cases of big repairing needs, we have free pick-up and delivery services too for your added convenience. Count on small engine repair Red Deer to making your appliances or tools all as good as new. Leave all the work to us, and we will make sure that we will bring back the item to you perfectly just as it should be. Don’t worry because our repairmen are dedicated to good service and client’s satisfaction no matter what case it is that they have to ix.

Here at small engine repair Red Deer we want to make sure to leave a good impression and a smile on our client’s faces upon reaching the end and finishing the repair service that we did and assure you that we will be the one you’ll contact from that point till future repair services.

Service Offered

We want to answer all your repairing needs and show you the good services that we offer. The mentioned repairs below are the repair services that we offer, and we do in our company.

Generator Engine Repairs

Does the generator didn’t run or isn’t operating right? Count on our services to do the job for you. We can do the repair fast and get the generator running again in not too much time needed.

Snow Blower Repairs

When it’s that time again wherein snow piles up in front of the yard or in driveways or parking spaces, sometimes the snow blower can’t take much work. Thankfully, we can come to you and have a look and check for whatever it is that caused the snow remover to breakdown. We will fix it and make it work well again.

Lawn Equipment and Garden Tool Repairs

Gardening comes with too much work, and you would, of course, need the right tools to tend the garden and mow the lawn. It can’t be avoided that because of constant use, the equipment might overload and fail. You don’t have to worry because we can repair the equipment and tools as well.

Tractor Engine Repairs

Tractor not working right? Count on the best small engine repair technicians in Red Deer and central Alberta to check the condition of the tractor and see what went wrong and repair it all at once. With our greatly
experienced on-site technicians, the job will be done fast, and the tractor will be as good as new. No need to worry because your tractor is in good hands.

Landscaping Equipment Repairs

You really need a lot in landscaping and if there are unexpected damages or problems of the tools or equipment, contact us for you to be assisted and informed of what may be the reason and cause of the problem of your equipment. We can fix it, and we can do it fast if the repair needed is minimal.

Aside from these mentioned, we can also offer repair for small handheld tools, farm implement engines, oil and gas industry engines, water pump engines, concrete cutter engines, construction industry engines, and so much more to offer.


Our Companies mission is to uphold a trustworthy and top quality repairing service needs. We aim for client-satisfaction. We aim to give security and assurance that the client has bought their tools or equipment to the best small engine repair services company. Whatever problem that caused the damage, we will know and discover it to find the perfect solution to fix it. No matter how big or small may be the repair needed, we intend to offer our great and all-out service to fix it.


Our vision is to see our company grow to be the most trusted and reliable repair services in the area. We intend to visualize our company to strive successfully throughout the years to come and fulfilling our mission to every repair we do day by day.

Our Team

Our Red Deer Small engine repair techs can offer great services at affordable prices. Our Red Deer based technicians and repairmen are very reliable and great to work with. Trust in us to offer you with a team that is selected well only to find the best in the repair industry.

The technicians and repairmen that we have are very approachable and client-friendly. You can approach them if you have question or inquiries regarding what caused the damage of your tool or equipment and if you want to ask how they intend to fix the engine, equipment, or tool. With the help of our great team, there is no doubt that everything will be fixed. They work fast too. Our technicians can work on-site for you to see the process of a repair being done to your tool or equipment. With our team by your side to fix your tools/equipment, you won’t hesitate to choose us again for a repair.

If you have other questions about the services we offer, feel free to contact us.

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